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Honduran Kitchen Now On Amazon!

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

After many months of working on this cookbook, I am happy to announce that Honduran Kitchen is released on Amazon.

I was born in the land of the five stars, a land blessed by nature and surrounded by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

As a girl, I appreciated the green landscape of the forests, the dance of Colibri Esmeralda, and beautiful Central American weather. Something I would give up as we migrated to the colder climates of the northern east coast in search of a new life.

Our grandparents wished us well on our journey, embraced us with every fiber of their being. The memory of their goodbye etched into my memory, even after all these years.

We traveled, adopting new customs, and trying to never forget our own. Very few people I met could even locate Honduras on the map. A land filled by such beauty and culture, overlooked by so many as if washed away by the seas that surround it.

I would tell others the stories of our local marvels such as the Copan City ruins, the lake regions of Lake Yojoa and Pulhapanzak Falls. They would listen to these stories with such amazement, never knowing the majestic lands not far from their own home.

Honduras is sometimes marred by individuals who focus on the negativity of what has occurred to the country. But we always focused on the positive and were proud to highlight what our country has to offer. Beautiful destinations such as the Roatán and Lancetilla, the second largest tropical botanical garden in the world.

Meeting other Hondurans, was always a rare but very welcome experience. We would reminisce about our childhood and sharing memories of trips to the pulperia and bodegas when relatives would give us a few coins to go purchase trinkets and treats or anything else we wanted.

Visiting local eateries, listening to people play trumpets and watching others play marbles while enjoying pastelitos or tamales. The sound of Spanish music filling the air.

It is these memories that I try to pass on to my own granddaughters, the culture of our people and the recipes that my grandparents would make throughout my childhood. This cookbook is to honor Catracha tradition and the land of the five stars.

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Sin lugar a dudas, este libro está hecho con amor porque sobre todo, tiene una historia que contar.

Enhorabuena a Doña Rosa Tamajon por este lanzamiento, será un linda experiencia.

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