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Rosa Tamajón: the Honduran who brought the seasoning of her kitchen to Amazon

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Rosa Isabel Tamajón, 53, graduated from Business Administration, is a Honduran native of Tela, Atlántida and a resident of the American city of Miami, Florida, she in recent days has jumped into the public arena becoming a catracho pride thanks to the fact that he managed to immortalize in a recipe book his love for culinary art, and especially the taste of catracha cuisine.

Tamajón, a proud mother of two children and grandmother of three granddaughters, has been married for 36 years to the citizen Juan Carlos Tamajón who is of Cuban origin.

Currently she works as the Director of Food and Beverages of a luxury hotel chain in Miami and is also promoting her recipe book which is entitled: "Honduran Kitchen" for its translation, "Honduran Kitchen", same which is now available on the Amazon e-commerce platform.

For the author Catracha, the character of the Honduran woman contains the qualities of being an honest, familiar, hard-working and entrepreneurial person, capable of achieving personal and professional goals and this has been demonstrated in each of the tasks that she proposes.

Rosa Tamajón is a Honduran who like many others had to emigrate from our country from a very young age in search of new opportunities, however, she confirms that the years have not allowed her to forget her roots and that she deeply loves her nation.

He adds that cooking is one of his most deeply rooted passions and that it was thanks to the inspiration of his maternal grandmother María de los Ángeles, with whom he used to cook together and taught him the love for our culinary roots.

"My grandmother gave a touch of love to everything she did," he adds.

It should be noted that the book "Honduran Kitchen" is composed of more than 80 recipes, which range from typical dishes of Honduran cuisine such as tamales, chicken with slices, tamales, tacos, pastries to soups and desserts.

“I would like to tell Honduran women in their day who are the pillar of the family, not to be afraid to fulfill your dreams. The Honduran is risky, creative and tenacious and these are necessary elements to succeed ”.

In our entertaining and enriching interview, Rosa shares with us that her specialty in the kitchen is meat and seafood and she confesses that her weakness is alcitrons, “I would like to learn how to cook them. They are delicious and I love them, ”he said.

As every woman dedicated to her family assures that her greatest fear is seeing her loved ones estranged, “I always dreamed of having a united family, God has given me that happiness and blessing, I have my husband, with whom we have procreated our children, Javier and Carlos Tamajón, my granddaughters and daughters-in-law whom I love deeply ”.

For this 2021 Rosa affirms that she wishes to continue to make the beauty of our land known to the world, her feeling and thinking is that every Honduran must be an ambassador of Honduras within and outside its borders.

Finally, he confesses that he will continue writing. “I am working on a cocktail book, and a book on Honduras legends and customs. To let the world know what a Honduran is like, we have many beautiful things to show, "concluded Rosa.

You can purchase his book by clicking on the following link: Honduran Kitchen by Rosa Tamajón

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